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1700 Fribourg



Member type

Service provider / Sustainability research provider

Contact person

Patrick Frankhauser

Type of activity in sustainable finance

Sustainable advisory services, Development investment products, ESG integration in asset management, Sustainability research & ratings, Sustainability investment consulting, Sustainability strategy consulting, Other services related to sustainable finance

General description of organisation

Inrate is a leading independent sustainability rating agency based in Switzerland. Inrate has more than 20 years of experience in linking its know-how on sustainability with the financial markets. Its range of services includes ESG analysis and sustainability assessments as well as shareholder services under the zRating label.

Reason for membership with SSF

Sustainability research is no substitute for traditional financial analysis. It does, however, complement it by mapping the long-term risk situation from a perspective of sustainability. Inrate is committed to supporting investors in the process to get a more thorough picture of these relevant investment aspects. This makes Inrate a reliable partner for investors who want to find their individual sustainable investment strategy. By becoming a member of the SSF, Inrate is contributing to strengthening Switzerland's position as a leading worldwide center for sustainable finance.


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