Political & Governmental statements

On this page you find statements of Swiss politicians and from federal departments regarding sustainable finance in general or a specific issue related to sustainable finance.

Date Type Author
May 2017 Parlamentary item of business Isabelle Chevalley
  Interpellation parlementaire et avis du conseil fédéral: Que fait la Suisse pour promouvoir la finance durable?
April 2017 Announcement of Climate Alignment Pilot Tests 2017 Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN)

Between mid-April and mid-June 2017, the FOEN will offer all Swiss pension funds and insurance companies an opportunity to have their equity and corporate bonds voluntarily tested for climate-friendliness at no charge. These pilot tests will be carried out with a model that was prepared using EU research funding and tested by over 100 investors. Upon completion, it will be available free of charge as an unlicensed model. FOEN is receiving an anonymized meta-analysis. More information on the climate alignment model and the participation you can find on www.transitionmonitor.com.

March 2017 Press release Swiss Confederation
  Environmental aspects in financial market policy: Federal Council is informed of progress made
February 2017 Press release Swiss Confederation

Erste Entscheide zum Finanzdienstleistungsgesetz (FIDLEG): "Zwei Anträge, eine Pflicht der Finanzdienstleister zu nachhaltiger Unternehmenskultur sowie zu sozialer und ökologischer Verantwortung ins FIDLEG aufzunehmen, hat die Kommission mit deutlicher Mehrheit abgelehnt."

Premières décisions concernant la loi sur les services financiers (LSFin)

Prime decisioni sulla legge sui servizi finanziari (LSF)
May 2016 Press release Swiss Confederation
  Switzerland hosts international workshop on environmental risk analysis in financial sector
March 2016 Parlamentary item of business Suzanne Leutenegger Oberholzer

Motion parlementaire: "Placements de la Banque nationale suisse. Protection des réserves et du climat"

Parlamentarische Motion: "Anlagen der Schweizer Nationalbank. Schutz der Reserven und des Klimas"

February 2016 Press release Swiss Confederation
  International financial bodies discuss sustainability issues: Federal Council defines Switzerland's role
June 2015 Parlamentary item of business Adèle Thorens Goumaz

Interpellation parlementaire: "Réduire l'empreinte carbone des investissements (désinvestissement des énergies fossiles ou 'divestment'). Agir en vue de la Conférence sur le climat de Paris

Parlamentarische Interpellation: "CO2-Fussabdruck von Investitionen senken (Desinvestitionen aus fossilen Energieträgern oder 'Divestment'). Handeln im Hinblick auf die Klimakonferenz in Paris
June 2015 Parlamentary item of business Luc Recordon

Postulat parlementaire: "La place financière suisse à la pointe du financement du développement durable"

Parlamentarisches Postulat: "Ein Spitzenplatz für den schweizerischen Finanzplatz bei der Finanzierung der nachhaltigen Entwicklung"

May 2015 Press release Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN)
  The financial system as a driver of the transition to a green economy
March 2015 Parlamentary item of business Eric Nussbaumer

Postulat parlementaire: "Investissements sociaux. Conclusions pour la Suisse sur la base du rapport de l'OCDE"

Parlamentarisches Postulat: "Social Impact Investing. Folgerungen für die Schweiz aufgrund des OECD-Reports"

March 2008 Parlamentary item of business Christa Markwalder

Interpellation parlementaire: "Compétence clé de la Suisse en matière de financement du développement"

Parlamentarische Interpellation: "Schweizerische Kernkompetenz in der Entwicklungsfinanzierung"

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