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Commit to Net-Zero!

Ahead of the COP26 in Glasgow from the 31 October to 12 November 2021, SSF encourages all its members to commit to lowering carbon emissions within the financial sector.

As a party to the Paris Agreement, Switzerland – alongside other countries – has made a clear commitment to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 and halve them by 2030. The contribution from the private sector is fundamental to delivering on this pledge. We see a clear opportunity for financial players to commit to a net-zero path for the following reasons:

  • A proactive approach in aligning portfolios with a net-zero path can help mitigate financial risks
  • Investing in and lending to a green and climate resilient economy offers growth opportunities and strengthens competitiveness as these market segments will become increasingly important
  • Providing transparency on the continual alignment of portfolios to global climate goals helps meet changing expectations of clients and other stakeholders and supports a positive reputation

Swiss Signatories

Below are the 10 current Swiss Signatories (as of 17 August 2021).

Please inform us, if you have made a new commitment and want to be included in this list of Swiss Signatories.

SSF Resources

In order to support the commitment to net-zero, SSF has prepared some resources:

If you are a member and would like access to our call for commitment letter, please get in touch.

Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance (NZAOA)

 Helpful Resources  FORMAT Date Published
Initiative Homepage Website Updated regularly
Sectoral Pathways to Net-Zero Emissions Publication December 2020
Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance Position on the Coronavirus Recovery Publication January 2021
Inaugural 2025 Target Setting Protocol Publication January 2021
Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance 2025 Target Setting Protocol Consultation Webinar Recording 22 October 2021


Net Zero Asset Manager Initiative (NZAMI)

Initiative Homepage Website Updated regularly
 Understanding the Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative Webinar Recording 17 May 2021


Net-Zero Banking Alliance (NZBA)

Helpful Resources  Format  Date Published
Initiative Homepage Website Updated regularly
 Guidelines for Climate Change Target Setting  Publication 2020


Net-Zero Isurance Alliance (NZIA)

 Helpful Resources  Format  Date Published
Initiative Homepage Website Updated regularly


Science-based Targets Initiative for Financial Institutions (SBT-FI)

 Helpful Resources  FORMAT  Date Published
Initiative Homepage Website Updated regularly
SBT Financial Sector Community Forum Online Discussion Forum Ongoing
SBT Financial Sector Newsletter Newsletter Ongoing
Tool for Temperature Scoring and Portfolio Coverage Tool 2021
SBT FAQs for the Financial Sector Publication 2021
Science-Based Targets for Financial Institutions: Criteria Deep Dive Webinar Webinar Recording 14 January 2021
Science Based Targets for Financial Institutions - Launch Webinar Webinar Recording 10 December 2020


Paris-Aligned Investment Initiative (PAII)

Initiative Homepage Website Updated regularly
PAII Slide Deck Slides 2020
Backgrounder: The Paris Aligned Investment Initiative and the Net-Zero Investment Framework Publication 2021


Upcoming SSF Events Supporting Net-Zero

Please see our SSF events page.


Upcoming Events hosted by these Initiatives

None at the moment.


Any Further Questions?

At SSF we are highly enthusiastic about our members joining a net-zero commitment, therefore if we can assist you please feel free to ask us questions.

If you are associated with an initiative and know about a resource or event not listed her, please also let us know.

Get in touch.


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