Legg Mason Investments (Switzerland) GmbH

Legg Mason Investments (Switzerland) GmbH
Rue Kléberg 6
1201 Geneva



Member type

Asset manager / General asset manager

Contact person

Diane Kodellas de la Morena

Type of activity in sustainable finance

Sustainable funds, ESG integration in asset management

General description of organisation

Legg Mason, Inc. (Legg Mason) is one of the world’s largest asset managers, and is dedicated to money management. The most distinctive feature of Legg Mason is its specialised approach to managing money. It houses a selection of prestigious investment management businesses, each operating autonomously and focusing on a distinct segment of the market. These specialised centres of excellence include Brandywine Global, ClearBridge Investments, Clarion Partners, Martin Currie, QS Investors, RARE Infrastructure, EnTrustPermal, Royce & Associates and Western Asset Management.

Reason for membership with SSF

Today’s investors expect competitive investment returns while expecting their investments to have a positive impact. Consumers are demanding high-quality, high-performing, customised products and services in conjunction with a higher purpose: they want to do well while doing good.

At Legg Mason, we are proud that our ESG commitment is broad, spanning investment management, our approach to business overall and our mission through:
• Fundamental investment belief
• Investment Affiliate commitment
• Demonstrated expertise and
• Corporate commitment, including our mission of Investing to Improve Lives


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