EBG Investment Solutions AG

EBG Investment Solutions AG
Lavaterstrasse 40
8002 Zurich



Member type

Service provider / Other service provider

Contact person

Ralph Kretschmer

Type of activity in sustainable finance

Sustainable asset management, Sustainable advisory services, Sustainable private equity management, Sustainability investment consulting

General description of organisation

EBG is a premier boutique and one-stop-shop solution provider for clients who demand a robust and tailor-made approach to successful investing in alternative assets around the sustainability theme. Our goal is to create financial value while concurrently making positive, measurable impact by developing highest-quality ESG compliant investment solutions.

EBG allows its clients to invest alongside the world’s most experienced pension and endowment funds, insurance companies and sovereign wealth funds and provides a very thorough and rigorous due diligence, active monitoring und detailed reporting.

Reason for membership with SSF

EBG's primary goal is to provide our clients a solid and reliable bridge to successfully invest in best of class sustainable Alternative Investments globally and significantly diversify their portfolio.

While an attractive asset class, investing in alternative assets is demanding: often significant information and entry barriers, complexity and existing misconceptions pose real challenges for investors.

Hence, EBG is delighted to be associated with SSF in its efforts to create a leading centre for sustainable finance and facilitate capacity building.


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