General Invest (Switzerland) AG part of Mikro Kapital Group

General Invest (Switzerland) AG part of Mikro Kapital Group
Tödistrasse, 46
8002 Zürich



Member type

Asset manager / General asset manager

Contact person

Luca Pellegrini

Type of activity in sustainable finance

Sustainable funds, Sustainable asset management, Sustainable lending, Sustainable private equity management, Development investment products

General description of organisation

GENERAL INVEST (SWITZERLAND) AG is an asset management company, part of Mikro Kapital Group. Since 2008, Mikro Kapital specializes in microfinance and impact finance to small businesses, focusing on the countries along the silk road. Microcredit has a direct influence on business, stimulating the growth of small companies and increasing the wellbeing of their owners, therefore making it highly valuable at a social level. At the same time, it provides a very interesting opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolio by investing in this asset class. Mikro Kapital operates through its two main funds: Mikro Fund and Alternative Fund. Both funds invest in Mikro Kapital branches network of about 110 offices in 19 Countries.

Reason for membership with SSF

Since its foundation in 2008, Mikro Kapital Group focused on impact investing, with a particular attention on development investments in emerging and frontier markets, Mikro Kapital Group achieves sustainable returns to our investors whilst promoting environmentally and socially responsible development. As a Microfinance organization, we believe that SMEs have an high growth potential and considerable social impact, since this kind of businesses are the basis of the socio-economic development chain. Our Swiss local subsidiary promotes and persuades the same purposes and for this reason we want to be part of a platform like Swiss Sustainable Finance.


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