Swiss Capacity Building Facility

Swiss Capacity Building Facility
Streulistrasse 19
8032 Zurich


Network Partner

Network partner type

NGO / NGO active in sustainable finance

Contact person

Laura Colella

Type of activity in sustainable finance

Research in sustainable finance, Training and education in sustainable finance, Promotion of sustainable finance, Promotion of sustainability of financial sector, Provision of development finance

General description of organisation

The Swiss Capacity Building Facility (SCBF) is a public-private platform that funds technical assistance (TA) providers to support financial services providers to develop, pilot, replicate and scale innovative and affordable client-centric financial products, channels and services in low-income countries. These financial products and services include savings, loans, insurance, digital financial services, and financial education, focusing on enhancing inclusive finance for low-income clients, especially women, smallholder farmers and MSMEs. The goal is to build resilience, increase access to es

Reason for membership with SSF

SSF being a leading actor in the Swiss sustainable finance landscape, it seems natural for SCBF to join, as we work on similar topics and could share and gain a lot from joining the SSF network. In particular, we aim to connect with other SSF members, explore potential cooperation areas, and leverage their expertise and network. We also aim to gain visibility and present our work and achievements to other sustainable finance actors in Switzerland.
Finally, as we are moving towards impact investing, we would like to be involved in the relevant workgroups and learn more about this topic.


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