News from our members

Listed below are news from our members in the past year. For members news prior to 2019, please visit the archive.

Date News Company / Source
28 September 2020 Nest Press Release on SDG Reporting Nest Sammelstiftung
1 September 2020 UBS Vorsorgefonds werden nachhaltig UBS
13 August 2020 Neuer Leitfaden für Stiftungen: "Mit Wirkung anlegen"
Nouveau guide pour les fondations: "Investir en créant de l'impact"
Alternative Bank Schweiz
30  June 2020 Symbiotics Expands its Flagship Industry Survey – From Microfinance Funds to Private Asset Impact Funds Symbiotics
24 June 2020 LUPK: Erfolgreiche ESG-Zertifizierung 2020 Luzerner Pensionskasse
16 June 2020 Symbiotics launches first USD 7.75 million Green Bond with Pan Asia Banking Corporation Symbiotics
25 May 2020 Ethos receives B Corp certification Ethos
15 May 2020 Obviam launches new impact investing fund with USD 60 million contribution from Fondation Botnar Obviam
15 May 2020 J. Safra Sarasin Asset Management launches a Climate Pledge aiming for a carbon-neutral outcome by 2035 J. Safra Sarasin
5 March 2020 Swisscanto Invest integriert als erste Schweizer Anbieterin Pariser Klimaziel Swisscanto Invest by ZKB
2 March 2020 Tareno Ltd is asset manager of the year Tareno Ltd
14 January 2020 LUPK integriert Klimastrategie in Anlagereglement Luzerner Pensionskasse
13 December 2019 INOKS Capital publishes its third Impact Report INOKS Capital
2 October 2019 Swiss private-sector development finance message for SDG capital mobilization Symbiotics
12 September 2019 Inrate presents results of the zRating Study 2019 on Corporate Governance Inrate
14 August 2019 Carnot Capital Publishes an Impact Case Study Carnot Capital
17 July 2019 responsAbility closes USD 175 million microfinance securitization responsAbility
11 June 2019 "ESG Do You. Don't You" RI Interview with Ulla Enne Nest Sammelstiftung

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