RepRisk AG

RepRisk AG
Stampfenbachstrasse 42
8006 Zürich



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Service provider / Other service provider

Contact person

Alessandra Oglino

Type of activity in sustainable finance

ESG integration in asset management, Other services related to sustainable finance

General description of organisation

RepRisk is a leading research and business intelligence provider, specializing in ESG and business conduct risks.

As a premium due diligence solution, RepRisk helps clients prevent and mitigate business conduct risks related to their operations, business relationships, and investments.

Since 2006, RepRisk leverages artificial intelligence and human analysis to translate big data into actionable analytics and metrics. With daily updates, universal coverage, and curated adverse data on companies, projects, sectors, and countries, RepRisk offers a suite of a powerful risk management and compliance services.

Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, RepRisk serves clients worldwide, enabling them to reduce blind spots and shed light on risks that can have reputational, compliance, and financial impacts on a company.

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Reason for membership with SSF

ESG is becoming more and more a business imperative. RepRisk believes that the SSF can play a key role as a platform to translate this into a standard practice, among a number of other crucial initiatives related to sustainable finance.
RepRisk serves some of the world’s most prestigious financial institutions with its ESG intelligence. By becoming a member of the SSF RepRisk believes that it can bring an important added value to the organization with its unique experience on how ESG risks can be integrated into investment and management processes.


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