Rochus Mommartz

CEO, Responsability

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Rochus Mommartz is the CEO of responsAbility Investments AG, a leading global asset manager specializing in development investments in developing and emerging markets. responsAbility manages more than USD 3.1 billion in assets and is invested in more than 530 companies and over 90 countries, via 6 different investment vehicles.* Rochus Mommartz has more than 25 years of experience in emerging market investments and banking operations.

He started his career as a consultant and worked in over 40 developing countries where he designed and implemented regulatory frameworks for financial intermediaries and built up microfinance and SME banks from scratch. Rochus Mommartz has worked with responsAbility Investments AG since the inception of the company and he initiated the equity investment practice. He established two long-term oriented holding companies for responsAbility for which he acts as CEO or Board Member. Rochus Mommartz holds a MSc. in Economics from the Freie Universität Berlin.

*as of May 2016


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