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On this page, you will find documentation issued by the Swiss government and the different federal departments (official statements, policies, publications, press releases). 

March 2020 Press release State Secretariat for International Finance SIF

Switzerland's participation in International Platform on Sustainable Finance (IPSF)

Teilnahme der Schweiz an der Internationalen Plattform für ein nachhaltiges Finanzwesen (IPSF)

La Suisse rejoint la plateforme internationale sur la finance durable (IPSF)

La Svizzera aderisce alla piattaforma internazionale sulla finanza sostenibile (IPSF)

December 2019 Press release Federal Council

Federal Council highlights opportunities for a sustainable Swiss financial centre

Bundesrat bekräftigt die Chancen eines nachhaltigen Finanzsektors für die Schweiz

Le Conseil fédéral réaffirme que la finance durable est une chance pour la Suisse

Il Consiglio federale ribadisce che un settore finanziario sostenibile rappresenta un’opportunità per la Svizzera

June 2019 Press release Federal Council

Federal Council discusses sustainable finance and sets out next steps

Bundesrat diskutiert über «Sustainable Finance» und legt das weitere Vorgehen fest

Le Conseil fédéral discute de finance durable et définit la suite des travaux

Il Consiglio federale discute di finanza sostenibile e definisce l’ulteriore modo di procedere

June 2018 Press release Federal Council

Federal Council adopts Switzerland's Country Report on the Implementation of the 2030 Agenda

Bundesrat verabschiedet den Länderbericht der Schweiz zur Umsetzung der Agenda 20130 für nachhaltige Entwicklung

Le Conseil fédéral adopte le rapport national de la Suisse sur la mise en œuvre de l’Agenda 2030 pour le développement durable

Il Consiglio federale approva il rapporto nazionale della Svizzera sull’attuazione dell’Agenda 2030 per uno sviluppo sostenibile

April 2018 Federal policy Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN)

The publication provides an overview of the current state of climate policy. The primary pillars of the Paris Agreement are presented and important concepts such as the global CO2 budget and climate neutrality are discussed. The publication highlights Switzerland's action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and addresses the vulnerability of the country under continuing global warming. With the Paris Agreement climate-friendly investments and support of developing countries particularly exposed to climate change gain in importance. 

Switzerland's climate policy: Implementation of the Paris Agreement 

Klimapolitik der Schweiz: Umsetzung des Übereinkommens von Paris

La politique climatique suisse: Mise en œuvre de l'Accord de Paris

La politica climatica della Svizzera: Attuazione dell'accordo di Parigi sul clima

March 2018 Press release FOEN

Environmental aspects in financial market policy: good momentum and ongoing work

Umweltaspekte in der Finanzmarktpolitik: Positive Dynamik und laufende Arbeiten

Aspects environnementaux dans la politique des marchés financiers: dynamique positive et travaux en cours

Aspetti ambientali nella politica dei mercati finanziari: dinamica positiva e lavori in corso

April 2017 Announcement of Climate Alignment Pilot Tests 2017 Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN)

Between mid-April and mid-June 2017, the FOEN will offer all Swiss pension funds and insurance companies an opportunity to have their equity and corporate bonds voluntarily tested for climate-friendliness at no charge. These pilot tests will be carried out with a model that was prepared using EU research funding and tested by over 100 investors. Upon completion, it will be available free of charge as an unlicensed model. FOEN is receiving an anonymized meta-analysis. More information on the climate alignment model and the participation you can find on

March 2017 Press release Federal Council
  Environmental aspects in financial market policy: Federal Council is informed of progress made
October 2016 Federal Policy Federal Council

The Federal Council names five key thrusts of the financial market policy, which demonstrate how the Swiss financial centre's opportunities and challenges will be addressed and how the centre's competitiveness should be maintained. The chapter on "innovation" states that the financial market policy should play a supportive role also in the area of sustainable investments.

Finanzmarktpolitik für einen wettbewerbsfähigen Finanzplatz Schweiz

Politique en matière de marchés financiers pour une place financière suisse compétitive

Politica dei mercati finanziari per una piazza finanziaria svizzera competitiva

Financial market policy for a competitive Swiss financial centre

September 2016 Federal policy Swiss Federal Council

Swiss Climate Policy revision linked to Paris Agreement

Klimapolitik der Schweiz: Erläutender Bericht zur Vernehmlassungsvorlage

Politique climatique de la Suisse: Rapport explicatif relatif au projet mis en consultation

Chapter 6.9 focusses on voluntary measures that the financial sector could undertake to re-orient the capital flows towards a low-carbon economy.

May 2016 Press release Swiss Confederation
  Switzerland hosts international workshop on environmental risk analysis in financial sector
April 2016 Federal Policy Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN)

Green Economy

Bericht an den Bundesrat, Grüne Wirtschaft. Massnahmen des Bundes für eine ressourcenschonende, zukunftsfähige Schweiz

Rapport à l'attention du Conseil fédéral, économie verte. Mesures de la Confédération pour préserver les ressources et assurer l'avenir de la Suisse

Within this updated report, chapter 5.2.3 identifies instruments that can be used to achieve the Green Economy vision. Instrument 6c specifically cites the incorporation of ecological and sustainability considerations within the financial market policy.

February 2016 Press release Swiss Federal Council
  International financial bodies discuss sustainability issues: Federal Council defines Switzerland's role
January 2016 Federal policy Federal Office for Spatial Development (ARE)

Sustainable Development Strategy 2016-2019

Section 4.2.5 (Action area 5 – Economic and financial system) was adapted to include two goals (goal 5.4 and 5.5) specifically related to sustainability and finance.

May 2015 Press release Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN)
  The financial system as a driver of the transition to a green economy
April 2015 Federal policy State Secretariat for Economic Affiars (SECO)

Position paper on corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Positionspapier zur gesellschaftlichen Verantwortung der Unternehmen

Document du position au sujet de la responsabilité sociétale des entreprises

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