Listed below are interesting videos and podcasts on sustainable finance and discussions around sustainability in general.

Video Series: Financing the Low-Carbon Economy

For the launch of its report on "Financing the Low-Carbon Economy. Instrument, Barriers and Recommendations" SSF and the authors of the different chapters have prepared a series of short videos that provide insights into different finance instruments for a low-carbon economy.

Sustainable Real Estate Investments

Insights into sustainable real estate investments with Ulla Enne, Leiterin Responsible Investing & Investment Operations, Nest Sammelstiftung

> Watch the 2-minute video


Introduction to the report by Sabine Döbeli, SSF CEO

> Watch the 2-minute video

More low-carbon economy videos to follow soon !

Financing sustainability in the post Covid-19 era

Interview with Sabine Döbeli during the Guernsey Sustainable Finance Week on the topic of "Financing sustainability in the post Covid-19 era". 

> Listen to the podcast

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