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15 November 2017: Focus - Controversial Weapons Exclusions

Ausschluss kontroverser Waffen, Politique d'exclusion des armes controversées

This factsheet is the first in the new series "Focus" published by SSF. In this edition, we tackle the topic of controversial weapons and what investors need to consider. This short publication provides an overview of the Swiss and international situation related to controversial weapons financing and investments. Additionally, it covers potential risks linked to not adequately addressing related issues for financing, investing and underwriting activities.


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13 June 2017: Proposals for a Roadmap – SSF members voice opinions one year on

One year after the publication “Proposals for a Roadmap towards a Sustainable Financial System in Switzerland”, SSF set out to collect opinions on recent developments of the Swiss Financial System and the progress made in the five core areas of the “proposals”: asset and wealth management, institutional investors, credit business, capital markets, research and education. For this purpose, SSF invited its network to share their opinions on the developments regarding the implementation of the proposed measures through a survey. In the following report, we review the results.

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1 June 2017: Swiss sustainable investment market report 2017

This study, for the second year in a row jointly prepared by Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen and Swiss Sustainable Finance, provides an overview on the Swiss market of sustainable investments. In 2016 the market saw a sharp hike of 39% compared to 2015, bringing the total volume of sustainable investments in Switzerland to around CHF 266 billion as of 31 December 2016. As their importance for asset owners has steadily risen, assets from institutional investors now account for 82% of the Swiss sustainable investment market. Sustainable investment funds are gaining ground and currently account for 7% of the total fund market.

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22 March 2017: Sustainable investing: A unique opportunity for Swiss Private Wealth Management – Ten arguments and practical tools for client advisors

In its newest study, Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF) uses ten strong arguments to showcase how sustainable investments represent a yet untapped opportunity for Swiss private banking.
Specifically, sustainable investments can support client advisors to better satisfy their clients’ needs and therewith strengthen their relationships. This is due to the fact that such investments offer the opportunity to speak about interesting and personal topics. These types of investments also match perfectly with qualities often associated with Switzerland, such as quality, innovation and stability.

As we wish to make this topic as accessible as possible for client advisors, we additionally prepared a practical toolkit, summary presentations and a short movie on the topic.

Watch our summary video:

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Watch the movie: ENDEFR

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Download the summary presentation: ENDEFRIT

Download the visual presentation: ENDEFRIT


The publication was launched at an event in Zurich on 22 March - read the summary soon


28 November 2016: Handbook on Sustainable Investments

Handbuch Nachhaltige Anlagen, Guide de l’investissement durable

Institutional investors in Switzerland are showing a growing interest in sustainable investments. This goes hand in hand with a growing need for information, both among pension funds and foundations, as well as among experts from insurance companies and other institutional investors. Swiss Sustainable Finance has therefore prepared a handbook on sustainable investments for Swiss institutional asset owners. This newly published handbook (available in German and French) is the result of a close collaboration with over 30 expert authors and contributors.

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Printed copies can be ordered for CHF 25 (excl. VAT) through the SSF Office

Please include the number of German and/or French copies you wish to order, your billing address and the delivery address.

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10 May 2016: Swiss sustainable investment market report 2016

This study has been jointly prepared by Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen and Swiss Sustainable Finance and provides an overview on the Swiss market of sustainable investments. Sustainable investments managed in Switzerland total to more than CHF 190bn and grew by 169% compared to the previous year, both based on organic growth and asset types covered for the first time in this report.

Download the report: EN, DE, FR


12 April 2016: Swiss investments for a better world - The first market survey on investments for development

The first Swiss Sustainable Finance study, ’Swiss Investments for a Better World’, offers a detailed overview of the structure and dynamics of the Swiss market for investments in development. The report was produced in partnership with the Center for Microfinance of the University of Zurich and Symbiotics.

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24 October 2014: Swiss Sustainable Finance - Promoting Switzerland as a leading center for sustainable finance

Swiss Sustainable Finance presents itself, maps the Swiss landscape and outlines the activities on which the newly established association will focus.

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