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SSF Newsletter August 2023
Putting transparency to work
Dear all

Since last year we have seen an increasingly large trickle of companies leaving various net-zero initiatives. Departing companies have given different reasons for their decision, be it the wish to focus on fewer initiatives or litigation risks linked to the net-zero promises.

Many initiatives under the umbrella of GFANZ require companies to start setting quantifiable goals for reduction in the carbon emissions of their portfolios and reporting on them 1-2 years of taking the pledge. There are two main levers to achieve emission reductions within a financial portfolio: exclusion of sectors and companies with high emissions or engagement with these sectors and companies to encourage real-world emission reductions. Exclusion may seem highly effective and brings about fast reduction on paper, but stewardship is the approach that leads to true transition on company level, yet often only results in incremental change. This begs the question of whether the net-zero initiatives, with their encouragement for strict emissions reduction targets, are inadvertently favouring the exclusions approach over the harder way of contributing to change through stewardship. It remains to be seen how the GFANZ initiatives will develop, but it is key to keep in mind which approaches lead to real world change. SSF believes that transparent reporting about the set goals and achieved results is the best way forward.

Accordingly, this week, SSF, with the support of ECOFACT, has published a comprehensive guide putting the spotlight on TCFD reporting within Switzerland. The hope is that as discourse around net-zero intensifies, the essence of sustainable finance fostering the transition of the economy can be distilled into actionable change.


Kind regards,

Veronica Baker

Project Manager

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SSF activities at a glance
SSF guide on TCFD disclosure for Swiss financial service providers published

For many Swiss companies, climate reporting becomes mandatory for the financial year 2024. In this guide prepared jointly with Ecofact, SSF provides practical support for financial institutions for the preparation of relevant climate reports based on the TCFD framework.

Open SSF Position - Director Romandie (40-50%)

SSF is seeking a dynamic professional with a finance background and experience in sustainable finance to be the representative of the organisation in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. We look forward to receiving applications from interested experts.


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  • Allianz has quit the Net-Zero Insurance Alliance (NZIA) citing legal risks, while ensuring their commitment to transitioning the economy.
  • Meanwhile in the USA, the Net Zero Insurance Alliance (NZIA) has recently been in discussions with 23 attorney generals around concerns over possible federal and state anti-trust laws. The NZIA was able to prove that their group and members have been and are fully compliant with applicable antitrust laws.
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Implementation Guidance for the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) Standards and the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS)

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development(WBCSD) has published a guide with detailed insights into reporting on the ISSB and ESRD regulation. The purpose of this Guidance is to help CFOs and their teams prepare to implement the new sustainability reporting requirements to inform strategic decision-making on corporate sustainability performance and respond to requests from investors, banks and regulators.

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Making Nature Markets Work: Shaping Global Nature Economy in the 21st Century

In this landmark report from the Taskforce on Nature Markets, an Initiative of Nature Finance, seven ambitious recommendations for policy makers, market actors and citizens are put forward to develop better and more sustainable markets. These include aligning economic and financial architecture with an equitable, global nature economy, policy alignment of central banks and supervisors, aligning public finance with the needs of an equitable, global nature economy and addressing harmful impacts of nature crimes.

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Kind Regards,

The SSF Team


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