Private Wealth Management et Durabilité. Nouvelles directives MIFID: Quelles opportunités pour la Suisse?

Have a look at pictures, presentations and the summary from SSF's recent event in Geneva.


Swiss Sustainable Investment Market Study 2018

Read about the dynamic Swiss sustainable investment market


Register for upcoming SSF events

SSF and NCFA event on 16 January 2019: Launch of natural capital risk framework for financial institutions


Gender Equality: An opportunity for the economy and the financial world

On 10 October, SSF was in Lugano for an event on gender equality!


Read SSF's October 2018 Newsletter

Is Green the new Black? Read about recent actions from the finance world to address climate change and other sustainability issues in SSF's October newsletter.


Workshop on metrics for a sustainable capital shift

Have a look at the summary and pictures of the Climate-KIC and SSF workshop on 20 November.


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