Sustainable Finance Geneva

SSF maintains a close collaboration with Sustainable Finance Geneva (SFG), an organisation of individuals founded in 2008 in Geneva by a group of industry experts to raise attention on sustainable finance, offer networking events and promote Switzerland as a sustainable financial hub. SFG currently counts >450 individual members and its board consists of individual leaders in banking, asset management, law, academia, politics or private corporates.

SFG was one of the founding network partners of SSF and the two join forces in different projects to increase the effectiveness and speed of change in the Swiss financial centre. To create a strong link and guarantee a regular exchange of information, SFG holds a permanent seat in the SSF Board. The two associations demonstrated their ability to leverage their strengths and achieve the goal of both organisations, i.e. to make Switzerland a leading centre in sustainable finance, in several joint projects. Positive examples of cooperation include the Building Bridges Event and other joint events in Geneva.


Eurosifis the leading pan European Sustainable and Responsible Investment association advocating for a more sustainable financial system. Eurosif works as a partnership of Europe-based national Sustainable Investment Forums (SIFs). Eurosif is also a founding member of the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance, the alliance of the largest SIFs around the world. SSF joined Eurosif as full-time member in May 2021.

Financial Centres for Sustainability (FC4S)

FC4S is a network of financial centres with the objective to exchange experience and take common action on shared priorities to accelerate the expansion of green and sustainable finance. Both Zurich (represented by SSF) and Geneva (represented by SFG) are a member of the network. The secretariat of FC4S is based in Geneva.

In October 2019, FC4S held its annual meeting in Geneva. For this occaison, local and national Swiss players organised a landmark symposium with the aim to build bridges between international organisations in Geneva, NGOs and the financial world.

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