Swiss Climate Scores


In December 2023, the Swiss Federal Council published an updated version of the Swiss Climate Scores, aiming to provide further clarity for users. Together with a joint workgroup of industry experts, SSF and the Asset Management Association Switzerland (AMAS) have updated the Swiss Climate Scores template accordingly. This new version of the template (version 2.0) aims to reflect the changes made by the Federal Council and improve the previous template in response to feedback received from practitioners. The indicators are split between an examination of current state (greenhouse gas emissions and exposure to fossil fuel activities) and the transition to net zero (verified commitments to net-zero and management to net-zero, credible stewardship and global warming potential).

This second version of the template aims to be a tool for industry players to prepare the Swiss Climate Scores in a comparable way. We thank all members of our joint working group who contributed to the development of this tool.

Download the version 2.0 of the template here. (Published 30 May 2024)

A recording of the launch webinar for version 2.0 will be available after the webinar.

View the Swiss Climate Scores Presentation prepared jointly by SSF, Swiss Banking and AMAS (created in 2022 to go along with the version 1.0 template).

Watch the explantory Video created by the Federal Council.


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