SSF present at other events 2023

SSF representatives are regularly taking part in events organised by third parties to present the objectives and activities of SSF and inform on sustainable finance. Select an event in the table below and find out more about the events, in which SSF was involved in 2022.

date event organized by
8 November 2023 15. Fachforum Hypothekar- und Finanzierungsmanagement Bankenberatungszentrum St. Gallen / Business Engineering Institute St. Gallen
24 October Schulthess Forum Kreditfinanzierung 2023 Schulthess Forum
23 August 2023 Spotlight Finance Basel Handelskammer Beider Basel
28 June 2023 International Platform on Sustainable Finance (IPSF) IPSF
26 June 2023 Point Zero Forum Elevandi and Swiss State Secretariat for International Finance
26 May 2023 Conference FUS EMBA, «Sustainability» Franklin University and the City of Lugano
22 May 2023 Climate Reporting Forum CelciusPro and Pelt8
10 May 2023 CFA ESG Conference CFA
9 May 2023 Sustainable Solutions Event Sphere
hypoforum post

15. Fachforum Hypothekar- und Finanzierungsmanagement

In Switzerland, residential and commercial buildings account for around a quarter of the country's carbon emissions.
SSF was pleased to contribute to Hypoforum 2023, organised by the bbz st.gallen ag | Bankenberatungszentrum and the Business Engineering Institute St. Gallen AG. Hendrik Kimmerle held a presentation on the opportunities of sustainability in loans and mortgages in order to decarbonise the building stock and achieve net-zero by 2050.

Schulthess Forum Kreditfinanzierung 2023

SSF was pleased to be a partner of the Schulthess Juristische Medien AG "Forum Kreditfinanzierung 2023" and to discuss sustainable lending with all participants at the Metropol in Zurich.

“Spotlight Finance Basel»

The "Spotlight Finance Basel" is a new format of the Basel Chamber of Commerce, which is primarily aimed at the banking and insurance industry in the Basel region. It showcases the importance of the financial sector for Basel and at the same time offer the participants a networking platform. Sabine Döbeli, SSF CEO, was part of a podium discussion.

International Platform on Sustainable Finance

At a side event to the International Platform on Sustainble Finance (IPSF), Sabine Döbeli, SSF CEO, was featured on a panel about nature disclosures. The three panelists discussed the role of nature risks for financial service providers and how new reporting formats could best support the integration of such risks into finance decisions.

Point Zero Forum

The SSF President, Patrick Odier, was part of a panel at the Point Zero Forum "Capitalising on the Future: How Private Capital is Leading the Way to a Low Carbon Economy". To holistically finance the transition to a low carbon future, both public and private capital need to be catalysed and scaled. Technological advancements have opened new opportunities for private capital to drive sustainability outcomes. The panel consisted of experts from finance, technology and sustainability.

2023 FUS EMBA alberto

Conference FUS EMBA,  «Sustainability»

Alberto Stival, Director Educational Development and Representative Ticino, presented at the FUS EMBA Conference.

2023 05 22 Climate Reporting Forum

Climate Reporting Forum

Co-organised by CelciusPro and Pelt8, the Climate Reporting Forum "From Compliance to Competitive Advantage: Leveraging the ordinance on climate disclosures" brought together experts around the topic of climate disclosure. Sabine Döbeli, SSF CEO present a keynot on Climate reporting and the transition to a net-zero economy, in which she identifed both the potential of transitioning to net-zero and key challenges.

CFA ESG Conference

Sabine Döbeli, the SSF CEO, was one of the experts featured on a panel called "ESG Investing: Is self-regularion filling the regulatory gap". The discussion was focused around the role of regulation in addressing greenwashing and featured a debate about how such regulation can be defined as effective.

2023 sphere sus solutions event

Sustainable Solutions Event

At this year's conference organised by SPHERE in Zürich, the SSF CEO Sabine Döbeli, was one of three experts on a panel about future requirements for ESG investors discussing the role of regulation in addressing greenwashing. View the full programme here.

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