Avadis Anlagestiftungen

Avadis Anlagestiftungen
Zollstrasse 42
8031 Zürich



Member type

Asset owner / Investment foundation

Contact person

Marco Haase

Type of activity in sustainable finance

Development investment products, ESG integration in asset management, Carbon finance solutions

General description of organisation

Independent of banks and insurance companies, the Avadis Investment Foundations have been a community for pension funds that invest their assets professionally and cost-effectively since 1995. They act in a flexible and client-oriented manner in a dynamic market environment with changing investment needs and regulatory requirements. To investors, they provide a broad range of products in the traditional and alternative space and develop tailor-made solutions. The Avadis investment foundations disclose information about ESG in a transparent and comprehensible manner, taking into account industry standards for pension plans in Switzerland.

Reason for membership with SSF

Through their membership in the SSF, the Avadis Investment Foundations can actively bring in their know-how into the discussion about sustainable investments and their regulation, and at the same time expand their own expertise. This professional exchange also helps to optimally incorporate investors' sustainability preferences and needs into the products offering of the Avadis investment foundations.


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