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Network Partner

Network partner type

Research and educational facility / Business school

Contact person

Marianne Bonato

Type of activity in sustainable finance

Training and education in sustainable finance, Promotion of sustainability of financial sector

General description of organisation

The AZEK training centre for financial professionals was founded as a subsidiary of the Swiss Financial Analysts Association SFAA in 1990. Its goal is to develop professionals to highly qualified specialists with both comprehensive theoretical and practical know how. AZEK offers training programs with Federal and international diplomas in financial analysis and portfolio management, wealth management, financial operations, ESG and financial data science. To date, more than 5’000 diplomas have been awarded. Graduates can profit from a vast range of seminars and networking events.

Reason for membership with SSF

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the financial industry. AZEK included the topic in its training programmes years ago. Since 2020, AZEK has also been offering ESG Analyst program (CESGA) exclusively in Switzerland. We strongly believe that, in addition to our education programs, a regular exchange between ESG experts is of central importance.


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