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Member type

Service provider / Sustainability research provider

Contact person

Samuel Brown

Type of activity in sustainable finance

Sustainable advisory services, Sustainability strategy consulting, Other services related to sustainable finance

General description of organisation

CelsiusPro is a boutique climate risk InsurTech company. Our mission is to elevate parametrics from fringe to centre stage in climate risk protection. Founded in 2008, we are pioneers in parametric insurance solutions to help clients worldwide mitigate the effects of extreme weather and natural catastrophes. We use big data for risk analysis and insurance product design.

Our Climate Risk Insights and Solutions (CRIS) Team mainly focuses on climate risk analysis spanning from single assets to large portfolios. Outputs are aligned with TCFD recommendations and backed by scientific metrics. CR

Reason for membership with SSF

CelsiusPro aspires to help firms willing to better understand and disclose their financial climate-related risk. We believe that if firms have a better comprehension of their climate-related risk, the economy as a whole will increase its resilience to climate change.

CelsiusPro is a proud member of SSF and desires to support the Association in its quest to strengthen Switzerland's position as a leading voice and actor in sustainable finance.


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