Centre for Finance and Development - Geneva Graduate Institute

Centre for Finance and Development - Geneva Graduate Institute
Ch. Eugène Rigot 2a
1202 Geneva


Network Partner

Network partner type

Research and educational facility / University department

Contact person

Nathan Sussman

Type of activity in sustainable finance

Research in sustainable finance, Training and education in sustainable finance

General description of organisation

The Centre for Finance and Development (CFD) is a specialized center in research and teaching at the Geneva Graduate Institute. As a collaborative academic research hub, it organizes international and interdisciplinary high-level conferences and technical workshops in sustainable finance and financing for development. It also offers a one-Year MAS in Sustainable Finance, Impact Investing and Development (60 ECTS). The Centre's faculty are researching and teaching in many areas of sustainable finance in the Institute's other teaching programs centered on sustainable finance.

Reason for membership with SSF

The CFD is acting as an international and interdisciplinary exchange platform in finance and development-related topics, bringing together the private sector, international organisations, international financial institutions, academics and students who have a strong specialization in sustainable finance. The CFD is also supporting Building Bridges.


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