Centro Studi Villa Negroni

Centro Studi Villa Negroni
Villa Negroni
6943 Vezia


Network Partner

Network partner type

Research and educational facility / Business school

Contact person

Tamara Erez

Type of activity in sustainable finance

Training and education in sustainable finance

General description of organisation

Established in 1990 by the Ticino Banking Association, the Centro Studi Villa Negroni (CSVN), has been a registered Foundation since 2009, providing quality education and training for banking industry personnel in every segment of financial systems, mainly: banks, fiduciary agencies, law firms and insurance companies. CSVN offers about 300 courses a year, catering for approximately 6.000 participants and involving around 500 speakers and lecturers. CSVN has been chosen by many financial institutions, in Switzerland and abroad, to provide courses on demand (“in house training”).

Reason for membership with SSF

Centro Studi Villa Negroni would like to sustain SSF as a partner for education and training in Ticino.


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