Circe Invest

Circe Invest
44 chemin des Beaux-Champs
1234 Vessy



Member type

Service provider / General investment consultant

Contact person

Fiona Frick

Type of activity in sustainable finance

ESG integration in asset management, Sustainability investment consulting, Sustainability strategy consulting

General description of organisation

Circe Invest is an independent consultant that support asset owners and asset managers in allocating capital through an integrated vision of risk, return and sustainability.

Advisory solutions for asset owners include guiding on asset allocation diversification, providing active risk management, and helping integrate sustainability considerations in the different parts of investment allocation.

Advisory solutions for asset managers include co-creation of investment solutions true to each manager’s DNA, providing strategic advice on investment positioning and defining roadmap for sustainability to meets clients’ evolving needs.

The mission of Circe is to keep finance meaningful to society by wisely balancing flows between investors in need of return and the economy in need of capital.

Reason for membership with SSF

The goal of Circe Invest is to help asset manager and asset owner design integrated investment solutions that strike an equilibrium between achieving target performance and incorporating social and environmental responsibility.

Investors are accustomed to considering risk and return as the two dimensions that guide asset allocation. Circe invest want to assist investors in integrating a third dimension to portfolio allocation around sustainability.

Circe Invest belief is that fiduciary duty of asset managers and responsibility of asset owners will evolve to take into account more directly what investors deliver to society


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