Compacta Sammelstiftung BVG

Compacta Sammelstiftung BVG
Dammstrasse 23
6300 Zug



Member type

Asset owner / Private pension fund

Contact person

Thomas Eggenberger

Type of activity in sustainable finance

Sustainable funds, Sustainable asset management, Sustainable advisory services, Environmental investment products, ESG integration in asset management, Sustainability investment consulting

General description of organisation

COMPACTA Sammelstiftung BVG is a pension fund for Swiss small cap companies. It is setup like an ordinary pension foundation with one strategy and a multi-asset approach. The asset manager, depository bank, pension plan, interest for their employees, reinsurance is chosen by the board of the pension fund.

Reason for membership with SSF

Valitas AG (service providing company) designated an internal Chief Sustainability Officer. The board of COMPACTA is taking decisions to implement ESG factors in the investment decision process and furthermore, wants to be regularly informed and educated about the development of ESG and Sustainability. The goal is to set the foundation and continually take further steps and improvements regarding ESG and Sustainability. It is important to share the experience and information and we therefore see a SSF membership mutually beneficial.


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