Ethos Foundation

Ethos Foundation
Place de Pont-Rouge 1
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Service provider

Contact person

Vincent Kaufmann

Type of activity in sustainable finance

Sustainable funds, Sustainable discretionary mandates, Sustainable asset management, Sustainable advisory services, Environmental investment products, ESG integration in asset management, Sustainability research & ratings, Sustainability investment consulting, Other services related to sustainable finance

General description of organisation

Ethos was founded in 1997 and aims at promoting socially responsible investment (SRI) as well as a stable and prosperous socio-economic environment that safeguards the interests of civil society today and in the future. To achieve its goals, Ethos created the company Ethos Services which offers institutional investors a wide range of SRI-funds, proxy voting reports, a shareholder engagement programme, as well as ESG researches for investors such as sustainability screening of portfolio and ESG ratings of listed companies.

Reason for membership with SSF

Ethos Foundation has been established in 1997 to undertake activities related to Socially Responsible Investment and promote a stable and prosperous socio-economic environment. Being a member of associations aiming at raising awareness on sustainability and socially responsible investment contributes to achieving Ethos’ goals.


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