Gonet & CIe SA

Gonet & CIe SA
Rue Bovy Lysberg 11
1204 Geneva



Member type

Bank / Private bank

Contact person

Linda Lehmann

Type of activity in sustainable finance

Sustainable discretionary mandates, Sustainable asset management, Environmental investment products, ESG integration in asset management

General description of organisation

Gonet & Cie SA was founded in 1845 and its history has been forged by five generations of bankers dedicated to serving a demanding Swiss and international private-banking clientele. The head office is located in Geneva. The service offered by the bank is highly personalised and conducted with unfailing respect for its clients’ privacy. Gonet & Cie SA assists and advises its clients on every aspect of their wealth, through every cycle and stage of its development, in a relation built on trust and favoured by a structure that has retained its human dimension. Unusually in today’s investment world, the choice of instruments and products is based on an open architecture. Gonet & Cie SA can thus devote all its expertise to identifying its clients’ needs and selecting the best products available on the market, whilst offering the advantages of total independence and true transparency

Reason for membership with SSF

We approach our membership in Swiss Sustainable FInance from the perspective of responsibility. We believe that having a positive long-term impact on our planet is part of our responsibility. Therefore, we are dedicated to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. Today, it seems appropriate to Gonet to position as a committed player in the swiss ecosystem of sustainable finance. That’s why we apply to become a member of SSF in order to actively contribute to the influence of Geneva and Switzerland as a sustainable financial center.


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