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Member type

Service provider / General strategy consultant

Contact person

Jean-François Hirschel

Type of activity in sustainable finance

Development investment products, Sustainability strategy consulting, Other services related to sustainable finance

General description of organisation

H-Ideas aims at re-establishing trust in the financial world. Today, this trust is challenged. We believe part of the reason for this can be found in the lack of alignment between what financial companies provide and what their clients actually need from them.

H-Ideas advises you on how to:
- Strategically position your company in connection with the goals of your clients.
-Differentiate your proposition.
- Express this proposition in a way that motivates clients and prospects.
As a result, you can win more business and keep what you have longer.
H-Ideas is the co-inventor of the only index that measures how asset managers show their commitment to Responsible Investment in their brand: the Responsible Investment Brand Index (RIBI™) www.ri-brandindex.org.
H-Ideas is a signatory of the UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment, making it the only European strategic financial marketing agency to commit to the PRI alongside its clients and their beneficiaries.

Reason for membership with SSF

As a company based in Switzerland deeply involved in and convinced about Responsible
Investment we are members of Swiss Sustainable Finance as we believe in the power of collective action. Also, we would like to benefit from the
power of collective thinking and brainstorming which comes in such an organization like SSF,
and of course contribute to it: our role as a consultant to the financial industry gives
us a broad vision of the trends in the sector which might benefit the other members. Also
with the work we do for the Responsible Investment Brand Index (RIBI).


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