InvestInvent AG

InvestInvent AG
Löwenstrasse 2
8001 Zürich



Member type

Asset manager / Renewable energy asset manager

Contact person

Christian Hürzeler

Type of activity in sustainable finance

Sustainable asset management

General description of organisation

As pioneers in the securitisation of wind energy, InvestInvent AG has been a successful operator of some 30 wind and solar farms within Europe since 2005. Expertise covers everything from location analysis, financing, sales and purchases as well as the management of the actual wind farms.

The firm has been managing an investment fund which owns wind and solar farms exceeding a total value of approximately CHF 350 mio. As such, it provides clean electricity to approximately 600,000 people. That in itself corresponds to a CO2 reduction of over 355,000 tons per year.

InvestInvent addresses itself to professional and institutional investors looking for stable returns regardless of stock market fluctuations.

Reason for membership with SSF

Already almost 20 years ago when our company was founded we saw the necessity to protect our environment by producing clean energy combined with stable returns for our investors. At that time, ESG was barely existing and the majority of people went for performance only.

Fortunately, the awareness of sustainability has grown strongly and become a major issue nowadays.

By becoming a member of SSF we want to support this megatrend and - due to our very long experience in this field - show that environment and return can be in harmony. Furthermore, we would like to help keeping a healthy investment world for the next generations.


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