Luzerner Pensionskasse

Luzerner Pensionskasse
Zentralstrasse 7
6002 Luzern



Member type

Asset owner / Public pension fund

Contact person

Josef Lütolf

Type of activity in sustainable finance

ESG integration in asset management

General description of organisation

Luzerner Pensionskasse (LUPK) is a public-sector pension fund founded in 2000. With its 35 employees, LUPK insures the employees of the Canton of Lucerne (Switzerland) and of institutions which perform public tasks. LUPK manages over CHF 8.3 billion of assets for more than 24'000 active workers and 8'000 retired persons. The asset allocation of LUPK is well diversified across the asset classes fixed income, equities, real estate and alternative investments.

Reason for membership with SSF

LUPK’s owner strategy requires that sustainability criteria be applied within its investment mandate. In the last couple of years, LUPK has strengthened its efforts to integrate sustainability criteria within its equity portfolio, e.g. by replacing standard benchmarks with ESG benchmarks. LUPK has recently announced a climate strategy in which LUPK commits to further reduce the carbon footprint of its investments. LUPK joined SSF to broaden its network and to be at the forefront of developments in the area of sustainable investing.


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