20, rue De-Candolle
1205 Genève



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Service provider / Other service provider

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Antoine Amiguet

Type of activity in sustainable finance

Other services related to sustainable finance

General description of organisation

OBERSON ABELS SA (OASA) is a law firm focused on three areas of law: Tax, Banking & Finance and Corporate & M&A.
OASA is supported by 55 committed experts and based in four cities in Switzerland: Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchâtel and Sion and has built a network of relationships with leading law firms around the world.
OASA advises players in sustainable finance for many years and has a large experience in the regulatory, contractual and tax matters in this field of activity.
Our specific skills and our large experience make us a valuable partner for market players in sustainable finance.

Reason for membership with SSF

The Swiss and international legal framework is moving quickly and has major impacts on players in sustainable finance in Switzerland.
OASA strives to support and promote sustainability in the Swiss financial market.
With our specific knowledge of the financial market regulation and our strong background in sustainable finance, we wish to contribute to the development of sustainable finance.
We are confident we can make valuable contribution to Swiss Sustainable Finance by sharing our large experience in this field and keeping market players well informed of the legal and regulatory developments in this field.


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