Reichmuth & Co Investment Management AG

Reichmuth & Co Investment Management AG
Rütligasse 1
6000 Luzern



Member type

Asset manager / Private equity manager

Contact person

Thomas Hofer

Type of activity in sustainable finance

Sustainable funds, Sustainable asset management, Sustainable private equity management

General description of organisation

Since the launch of its first infrastructure solution in 2012, Reichmuth & Co has offered institutional investors access to sustainable infrastructure assets with regular cash flows and stable returns in the transportation, utilities and waste management sectors in Switzerland and Europe. As a specialized infrastructure manager, Reichmuth & Co today manages over CHF 1.5 billion in three diversified infrastructure funds and several infrastructure mandates. Reichmuth makes an active contribution to the energy transition and decarbonization of the economy while strengthening the development of cr

Reason for membership with SSF

Our mission as a specialized investment firm dedicated to private infrastructure is to enable our clients to achieve their financial objectives through stable returns and long-term solutions. Sustainability is paramount in fulfilling that fiduciary duty and an integral pillar of Reichmuth & Co's overall strategy. It is our core belief that the portfolio companies we invest in enjoy a competitive advantage and are more successful by adhering to sustainable business practices. For us, sustainability is essential to delivering long term value creation.


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