SIX Group AG

SIX Group AG
Pfingstweidstrasse 110
8021 Zürich



Member type

Service provider / Other service provider

Contact person

Urs Reich

Type of activity in sustainable finance

Other services related to sustainable finance

General description of organisation

SIX operates the infrastructure for the Swiss financial center, thus ensuring the flow of information and money between national and international financial market players. SIX offers exchange services, financial information and banking services and is also building a digital exchange. The company is owned by around 122 domestic and international banks that are active in the Swiss financial center. They are the main users of the services and therefore the most important customers of SIX. The close relationship with banks guarantees the stability of the infrastructure as well as proximity to their evolving business needs.

Reason for membership with SSF

As a global data vendor and the infrastructure provider to the financial market participants in Switzerland SIX wants to play an active role in sustainable finance and contribute regulatory expertise and know-how in relation to data and exchange aspects and challenges. The membership also enables us to better understand the needs of our clients in order to co-create market solutions together with them.


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