Sustainable Finance Geneva

Sustainable Finance Geneva
Avenue de la Praille 50
1227 Carouge


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NGO / Sustainable finance NGO

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Type of activity in sustainable finance

Training and education in sustainable finance, Promotion of sustainable finance, Promotion of development investments, Promotion of sustainability of financial sector

General description of organisation

SFG is an association that establishes Geneva as the center for innovation in sustainable finance by engaging individuals and harnessing collective intelligence.
Created in 2008 by fifteen professionals, SFG now leads the way from Geneva, as the key global platform for sustainable finance. It not only enables an ongoing dialogue between all local organizations and individuals, it also promotes Geneva’s financial Center. Major projects have been successfully completed over the last years, thanks to the strength of its ever-growing network and the remarkable commitment of its members.

Reason for membership with SSF

At SFG we share with SSF the same driving mission of promoting Sustainable Finance in Switzerland especially in Geneva for SFG.
Our partnership with SSF makes full sense as we are 2 complementary actors: on the one hand, Sustainable Finance Geneva is a local exchange platform led by individuals to position Geneva as the center for innovation in sustainable finance. On the other hand, SSF is a national actor representing institutions dedicated to promoting sustainable finance and positioning Switzerland in this sector


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