Swiss Philanthropy Foundation

Swiss Philanthropy Foundation
Place de Cornavin 2 - C.P. 2097
1211 Geneva 1



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Asset owner / Charitable foundation

Contact person

Laurent Hostettler

Type of activity in sustainable finance

Other services related to sustainable finance

General description of organisation

Swiss Philanthropy Foundation is an independent non-profit hosting foundation based in Switzerland established in 2006 offering personal philanthropic funds.

By creating, hosting and managing philanthropic funds, Swiss Philanthropy Foundation enables philanthropists to realise their long-term commitments and achieve their charitable objectives.

Times are changing and we now encourage philanthropists who wish to get more involved either on an individual basis or with their families, following and directly experiencing the impact of their grants.

Reason for membership with SSF

Our Foundation wishes to promote impact and responsible investments through its philanthropic funds.
In addition our donors are increasingly concerned regarding sustainable management and investment of their fund.
One of our funds is sensitive to sustainable development project and sustainable financial system.


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