Topik Partner AG

Topik Partner AG
Zeltweg 26
8032 Zürich



Member type

Asset manager / Development investment manager

Contact person

Carlo Picenoni

Type of activity in sustainable finance

Sustainable asset management, Sustainable advisory services, ESG integration in asset management, Sustainability investment consulting, Sustainability strategy consulting

General description of organisation

Topik Partner AG is an owner-led independent consulting firm and asset manager in the Swiss real estate market. As real estate specialists we serve as strategy advisors, service developers and portfolio managers.

Reason for membership with SSF

We recognize the significance of the real estate industry within the overall decarbonization efforts. We therefore see ourselves as responsible and are committed to sustainable investing towards a value-oriented future. We are convinced of the long-term successes that can be achieved by integrating ESG issues. We guide our clients in incorporating these values into their decision-making processes in a meaningful way. As a member of SSF, we are looking forward to exchange know-how within the member community and establishing further connections within the sustainable finance industry.


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