Valitas AG

Valitas AG
Dammstrasse 23
6300 Zug



Member type

Service provider / Other service provider

Contact person

Thomas Eggenberger

Type of activity in sustainable finance

Sustainable funds, Sustainable advisory services, ESG integration in asset management, Sustainability investment consulting, Sustainability strategy consulting, Other services related to sustainable finance

General description of organisation

Valitas AG is a service providing company for Swiss pension foundations, Swiss pensions funds and Swiss pension schemes. We act as business executive, administrator, financial accountant, securities accountant, and investment controller for the different clients. Currently these foundations, pension funds and schemes have AuM of approx. CHF 3’000 Mio.

Reason for membership with SSF

We have grown a strong interest in sustainability over the last eight years. With all the quick changing regulations and expectations from the different stakeholders we decided to go a step further. We have an internally designated Chief Sustainability Officer, who is looking into the subject by personal interest and by professional development and education. We want to set a foundation to have a set up to grow in that subject. Our goal is to professionally guide the different pension solutions and help implement ESG and Sustainability in the schemes. We are interested in a professional exchange in order to improve and develop. We are interested in working in joint projects and help to advancing the topic in the Swiss financial sector.


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