White Summit Capital AG

White Summit Capital AG
Baarerstrasse 78
6300 Zug



Member type

Asset manager / Renewable energy asset manager

Contact person

Stefan Kreher

Type of activity in sustainable finance

Sustainable asset management, Sustainable advisory services, Sustainable private equity management, Sustainability investment consulting

General description of organisation

White Summit Capital is a long-term investor and asset manager specialised in identifying superior capital deployment opportunities in the infrastructure and energy sectors. Our strategy is based on fostering long-term relationships with industrials in order to provide creative and flexible capital solutions to their ever-changing needs. Through our highly experienced and multidisiplinary team, we have the ability to execute transactions quickly and confidentially. We focus on best in class asset management to ensure long term value creation, capital protection and cash yields.

Reason for membership with SSF

Based in Zug and being an asset manager that seeks for opportunities in the field of renewable energy and infrastructure, ESG is a key topic for us in evaluating these opportunities. At WSC we believe in these three letters as they not only represent a tool box to select sustainable investments, but also to support our long-term strategy. We are convinced that the foundation of an attractive long-term investment lies in the consistent applicationv of ESG principles. Without those the risk of underperforming due to unforeseen costs is just too high to pursue these so-called opportunities further. As such, we think the membership of the SSF is a key tool to learn and expand further on this journey. We are not there yet, but want to be there in the foreseeable future.


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