SSF statement on the Russian invasion of Ukraine


SSF joins the global business and finance community in expressing great compassion for the people of Ukraine facing a humanitarian crisis as a result of the invasion of the country through the Russian regime. It is horrifying to see how the life of the Ukrainian people has changed overnight, with already over two million displaced civilians as well as many injuries and deaths on both sides of the conflict.

The attack has already drastically diminished prosperity in the country, but will also have fundamental effects on the global economy and therewith on prosperity globally. It breaches the foundations of international law and those of a sustainable economy and society, for which peace and stability are key prerequisites.

Economic sanctions by business and political leaders can hopefully contribute to ending this devastating conflict soon and to relieving the suffering of the many direct and indirect victims of the war. We encourage our members to reinforce the application of the UN Guiding principles on business and human rights and to engage with companies on how to best apply these principles, in particular in conflict-affected areas of the world.

In light of these dramatic circumstances we see it as even more important to make sure capital contributes to the development of sustainable solutions. SSF will endeavour to place human rights, peace and multi-stakeholder cooperation at the heart of sustainable finance.

Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine and all other people affected by the tragic events.

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