Handbook on Sustainable Investments

Handbuch nachhaltige Anlagen, Guide de l’investissement durable


28 November 2016: (Download the report: DE, FR) Institutional investors in Switzerland are showing a growing interest in sustainable investments. This goes hand in hand with a growing need for information, both among pension funds and foundations, as well as among experts from insurance companies and other institutional investors. Swiss Sustainable Finance has therefore prepared a handbook on sustainable investments for Swiss institutional asset owners. This newly published handbook (available in German and French) is the result of a close collaboration with over 30 expert authors and contributors. With the target audience being pension funds, foundations, insurance companies, family offices and other institutional asset owners, the publication contains a comprehensive overview of the various available sustainable investment strategies. In addition, it contains concrete tips helpful in implementing a sustainable investment policy. It will serve to deepen the discussions with asset owners about different forms of sustainable investment strategies as well as their risks and opportunities.

The handbook contains relevant information for institutional asset owners and consists of 21 chapters, 8 case studies, a glossary, and over 30 visuals.

This publication is supported by the three asset owner associations ASIPSwiss Insurance Association and SwissFoundations.


December 2017: One year after the publication of our handbook in German and French, SSF is happy to announce that together with the CFA Institute Research Foundation, we have updated and translated this publication into English. With an English version now available, we hope to be able to reach out to a larger share of the market and help professionals gain insights into sustainable investing and how to implement appropriate solutions. (Download the Handbook in English)

The handbook is the result of a close collaboration with over 30 expert authors and contributors. This updated version contains an expanded chapter on impact investments, a new chapter on integrating sustainability into commodity investing and other updates of some data, charts and figures. 

Download the report: DE, FR, EN

Publication structure:

The publication is broken up into 4 distinct sections:

  • Part I - broad overview of the sustainable investment market and trends
  • Part II - description of sustainable investment approaches and specific asset classes
  • Part III - trending special themes
  • Part IV - definition of steps for implementation

In addition, the inclusion of eight Swiss case studies further aides readers in understanding important aspects and considerations of the industry.

 Organisations based in Switzerland can order physical copies of the handbook at the following conditions:

Up to 2 copies incl. shipment: CHF 10.-

3 - 5 copies incl. shipment: CHF 15.-

Please send an email to the SSF office and include the number of English/German/French copies you wish to order, your billing address and the delivery address. German copies are currently out of stock.



Graphs from the report (German)


Graphs from the report (French)


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