SSF invites actors to participate in annual sustainable investment survey - Asset Owners

Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF) is collecting data for the Swiss Sustainable Investment Market Study 2023. By providing data, you help SSF obtain an encompassing overview of the market development in this important field.

We kindly invite you to take part in our survey! Thank you for sending us the completed questionnaire by Monday, 13 March 2023.

For Asset Owners (i.e. Pension funds, insurance, foundations)

Download Asset Owner Questionnaire in English

Download Asset Owner Questionnaire in German

Download Asset Owner Guidelines

This year’s survey for asset owners has been restructured and updated to better capture sustainable investment activities:

  • We now limit detailed questions on your use of the different sustainable investment approaches to self-managed assets. If you only have assets managed by third parties, you do not need to fill in sheet 3.
  • The questionnaire is now structured so that you can input different groups of self-managed assets and corresponding sustainable investment approaches (e.g. a self-managed fixed income portfolio and a self-managed listed equity portfolio). Otherwise, you can simply input full self-managed portfolio data as one block.
  • Additionally, to gain deeper insights, we collect data to differentiate between different levels of sustainability and contributions to positive change. We have included a short section on ESG/Impact Performance measurement for reported assets. Please take note of this new section (3.3) and help us gain an encompassing picture by filling this section out for relevant assets.
  • Questions on special topics (e.g. Real-estate, Climate change considerations) were consolidated and now appear in a separate sheet (sheet 4).
  • The sheet on “Market Development” was deleted.

Please note: the new section on ESG/Impact performance was conceptualised together with our collaboration partners, the Sustainable Finance Research Group, University of Hamburg, and the Advanced Impact Research GmbH, who together with Eurosif published a whitepaper in July 2022 on a new classification scheme for Sustainable Investments. Through this collaboration and the resulting continued work with Professor Timo Busch, the SSF Market Study serves as a pilot study to test the concept presented in this paper. The SSF Market Study Workgroup supported us in adapting the questionnaire.

For questions (English, German), please contact Kelly Hess (

For question (French), please contact Jean Laville (


For Banks and Asset Managers please find documents related to the market study here

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