Workgroups of SSF


Based on the SSF vision and mission, six workgroups are currently active. 

Impact investing (former Investments for development)

The first priority of this workgroup was to establish a market survey of Swiss investments for development, which was published in April 2016. In January 2018, the workgroup was instrumental in planning SSF's first full-day conference on the topic of Inspiring investment partnerships to achieve global goals, attracting over 240 professionals from 12 countries for the event. The group will further address regulatory barriers for such investments and discuss ways to best measure the impact of investments, while continuing to address the area of key partnership opportunities to achieve success. In 2019 the workgroup began focusing on the broader spectrum of impact investments creating a working definition to help steer the activities of the workgroup. Roland Dominicé guides the activities of this group.

Institutional Asset Owners

This workgroup consists of institutional asset owner representatives of SSF. The objective is to support them in adopting sustainable investment policies by providing useful information, tools and peer dialogues. The workgroup published a comprehensive toolkit defining the various aspects of sustainable finance from a Swiss perspective in November 2016. Ulla Enne, Nest collective foundation, is the workgroup leader for the institutional asset owner group.

Market Study 

This work group supports SSF in creating an annual overview of the main trends, facts and figures on Sustainable Finance in Switzerland. Besides reviewing the survey, the workgroup helps SSF with setting an annual theme and consolidating the data in a meaningful way. The leader of this workgroup is CEO of SSF Sabine Döbeli

SI in Wealth and Asset Management

This workgroup aims to promote Sustainable Investing (SI) in Swiss private wealth and asset management and further strengthen Swiss offerings in this field. Previously, the workgroup focused on private banking and supporting tools for client advisors, having prepared a glossary of close to 100 terms related to sustainable finance. The group also drafted 10 arguments and practical tools for client advisors to promote sustainable investments, which it published in March 2017. As of 2019, the workgroup took up its activity under the new name of "SI in Wealth and Asset Management", led by Marie-Laure Schaufelberger and Andreas Knörzer.

Sustainable finance Education

The aim of this workgroup, relaunched in 2021 with new objectives, is to advise SSF and its management team in the process of implementing education activities. This comes as part of a mandate assigned to SSF by the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) for the effective implementation of the report "Sustainability in Financial Education and Training in Switzerland". Coordinator of this workgroup is Alberto Stival, Director Educational Development at SSF.

Regional Workgroup Ticino

This workgroup offers Ticino-based member representatives a network to exchange know-how and experiences in sustainable finance. It prepares Ticino-based SSF activities such as events and seminars. The workgroup is lead by SSF team member Alberto Stival.

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