Low-Carbon Economy Video Series


For the launch of its report on "Financing the Low-Carbon Economy. Instrument, Barriers and Recommendations" SSF and the authors of the different chapters have prepared a series of short videos that provide insights into different finance instruments for a low-carbon economy.


Blended Finance

Insights into Blended Finance by Lukas Schneller, Deputy Head, Private Sector Development, Economic Cooperation and Development at the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SEC0)

> Watch the 2-minute video


Energy Performance Contracting

Insights into Energy Performance Contracting by Qendresa Rugova, Managing Director, Enfinit Sàrl

> Watch the 2-minute video


Energy Efficiency Mortgages

Insights into Energy Efficiency Mortgages by Daniel Jakobi, Deputy Head Innovation & Development, Raiffeisen Switzerland

> Watch the 2-minute video


Insurances for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Insights into Insurances for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy by Livia Miethke Morais, Sustainable Energy Finance Specialist at BASE (Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy).

> Watch the 2-minute video


Engagement for Non-Thematic Listed Equities and Bonds

Insights into climate engagement, by Matthias Narr, Head Engagement International, Ethos.

> Watch the 2-minute video


Green Bonds

Insights into green bonds, by Dario Messi, Fixed Income Analyst, Julius Baer.

> Watch the 2-minute video


Thematic Equity Funds

Insights into thematic investment strategies with a focus on the energy transition, by Christian Roessing, Senior Investment Manager, Pictet Asset Management.

> Watch the 2-minute video


Direct Investments in Non-Listed Companies and Projects

Insights into direct investments in non-listed companies and projects with Carmela Mondino, Head of ESG & Sustainability Europe, Partners Group.

> Watch the 2-minute video


Carbon Credit Markets

Insights into the functioning of carbon credit markets with Alain Meyer, Managing Director/Country Head Switzerland & Austria, PineBridge Investments.

> Watch the 2-minute video


Sustainable Real Estate Investments

Insights into sustainable real estate investments with Ulla Enne, Leiterin Responsible Investing & Investment Operations, Nest Sammelstiftung

> Watch the 2-minute video



Introduction to the report by Sabine Döbeli, SSF CEO

> Watch the 2-minute video

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