SSF Secretariat


The SSF Secretariat is responsible for the management of all activities of the organisation. These include but are not limited to organising and preparing the regular board meetings, running the different work streams, liaising with members, maintaining the website, actively communicating with the media and the public, representing SSF in different stakeholder processes and organising an annual event. Wherever possible, resources are drawn from different Swiss cities to maintain local knowledge and communications and truly represents the interests of all Swiss members. The current SSF team consists of:


Sabine Döbeli, CEO

Sabine Döbeli has worked in the field of sustainable finance for 25 years in different roles. At SSF she is responsible for the management of the organisation, for the communication activities as well as for the steering of the different workstreams.


Jean Laville, Deputy CEO, Geneva

Jean Laville has been active in the financial sector for 25 years, including 15 in the field of Responsible Investment. At SSF he is responsible for liaising with members in the Romandie and communication in this area. Furthermore, he drives the workstream on capacity building and education.


Kelly Hess, Director Projects

Kelly Hess began her career in the financial sector in 2010. At SSF, she is responsible for developing communication tools, setting up member services, carrying out research, implementing different work streams and liaising with members and stakeholders.


Alberto Stival, Representative Ticino and Director Educational Development

Alberto Stival has been active in the financial sector for more than 20 years. At SSF he is responsible for the development of the educational offering on sustainable finance, as well as liaising with the members in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland.


Katja Brunner, Director Legal & Regulatory

Katja Brunner has worked in the financial sector for almost 20 years. With her broad experience and regulatory background, she is mainly responsible at SSF for projects related to legal and regulatory questions in our industry.  


Hendrik Kimmerle, Senior Project Manager

Dr. Hendrik Kimmerle started working in the field of sustainable finance as a researcher at University of Liechtenstein. At SSF, he is responsible for various sustainable finance projects, workgroup activities, communications and joint research studies.


Veronica Baker, Project Manager

Veronica graduated at the end of 2019 with an MSc in Climate Change, Sustainable Development and Policy from the Institute of Developmental Studies at the University of Sussex in Brighton, England. She started at SSF as an intern in 2021 and was hired on as permanent staff in 2022. She is currently pursuing a CAS in sustainable finance.


Beatrice Meyer, Office Manager

Bea Meyer has many years of experience in event management and business and human resources administration. At SSF, Bea is responsible for office support, event organization and coordination, supporting the accountant and liaising with members and other stakeholders. Prior to SSF, Bea worked in management positions in various business sectors and in education.



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