Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net-Zero

The GFANZ was established pre-COP26 as an umbrella organisation to bring together existing and new net zero finance initiatives into one sector-wide strategic alliance. It supports and coordinates net zero alliances, elevates best practices, addresses shared challenges, engages on global policy issues and drives ambition. GFANZ is grounded in the UN's Race to Zero campaign, which has an independent, academics-led Expert Peer Review Group tasked with reviewing all applications to join the Race to Zero and ensuring they meet the ambitous criteria for participation. Alongside this, GFANZ has an Advisory Panel consisting of actors from financial instiutions, industry and sector collaborations, NGOs, supranational entities, governments and civil society. GFANZ is focussing on seven key areas: sectoral pathways, the transition to the real economy, financial institution transition plans, portfolio alignment measurement, mobilising private capital, advocating for public policy and building commitment.

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