Groupe Mutuel Prévoyance

Groupe Mutuel Prévoyance
Avenue de la Gare 20
1950 Sion



Member type

Asset owner / Private pension fund

Contact person

Gérald Mayoraz

Type of activity in sustainable finance

ESG integration in asset management

General description of organisation

Groupe Mutuel Prévoyance – GMP is a semi-autonomous Swiss collective foundation, with about 23'000 customers across the whole Switzerland.

Reason for membership with SSF

Groupe Mutuel Prévoyance – GMP committed to apply sustainability criteria in its investment strategy. ESG issues lead to a sustainable, effective and progressive investment analysis and decision making process. Groupe Mutuel Prévoyance – GMP promotes the transition to a low carbon economy. Joining SSF is a proof of willingness of showing transparency and responsibility, as well as being a trustworthy partner.


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