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29 Jan. 2020 ICMA and Swiss Sustainable Finance joint conference: Developments in the green bond markets – the Swiss perspective Zurich

ICMA and SSF host this upcoming joint conference to discuss the developments in the green bond markets.

The global market for green bonds, providing finance for tackling climate change and other environmental projects, is growing rapidly, with Q3 2019 seeing green bond issuance at a historical high of over $35 billion. In Switzerland, the momentum behind green bonds is beginning to build. This conference, jointly organised by ICMA and Swiss Sustainable Finance is an opportunity to hear about regional developments, with major Swiss issuers and investors describing the advantages of this form of finance. Additionally, we will also be looking at international trends in the green bond market, including green and sustainable loans.

Full programme

This event is fully booked.

30 Jan. 2020 Women in Asset Management: Sustainable Investments Zurich

"Women in Asset Management" aims to emphasize and support the exchange between professionals in the industry in and beyond Zürich and Geneva. Each meeting will focus on a current theme and the series aims at promoting the recognition of women in senior management roles.

The inaugural breakfast event taking place on 30 Jan 2020 will discuss sustainable investments and includes a panel discussion moderated by SSF CEO Sabine Döbeli.

More information here. Register via email to: johanna.kallion[at]alphafmc.com

11 Mar. 2020 SECO Event: Unternehmensverantwortung im Finanzsektor managen Bern

Der Nationale Kontaktpunkt der Schweiz für die OECD-Leitsätze lädt in Zusammenarbeit mitSSF und dem Global Compact Netzwerk Schweiz ein, um den OECD-Leitfaden zur Sorgfaltsprüfung bei Firmenkreditgeschäften vorzustellen, Umsetzungsschritte aufzuzeigen und Herausforderungen zu diskutieren.

Details zum Programm können dem Flyer entnommen werden.

Der Anlass findet in Deutsch und English statt, Anmeldung via Email an: Frau Carole Hof, afin[at]seco.admin.ch

2-3 Apr. 2020 St.Gallen Forum for Management of Renewable Energies St. Gallen

The 11th edition of the REM Forum addresses the tectonic shifts that happened in the climate debate over the last 12 months and their implications for management of renewable energies. Entitled “System Change, not Climate Change - Doing Business in a 1.5oC World”,speakers from academia and business explore what impact the #FridaysForFuture social movement had on policymaking, and how businesses can align their investment strategies with climate targets and stakeholder expectations.

More information here, registration to follow early 2020

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